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Public Enterprise KRETINGOS MAISTAS is a professional specialized food catering organization. Established on 20-June-2001, the organization currently employs about 800 people.

Public Enterprise KRETINGOS MAISTAS provides catering services to numerous different institutions, such as schools, baby nurseries, kindergartens, preschools, social care institutions, various associations of people with disabilities, rehabilitation and healthcare centers, hospitals, camping resorts and camp places as well as numerous other institutions and organizations all over Lithuania.

Our employees are highly qualified professionals who make sure that the services we provide fully conform to the prevailing legal norms and regulations and that they meet the established standards of catering for children and adults of different age groups and with different health conditions.

Public Enterprise KRETINGOS MAISTAS emphasizes the importance of food safety, therefore our customers can rest assured - we promise and guarantee the highest quality and safety of the products we cater.

Public Enterprise KRETINGOS MAISTAS in most company departments has implemented the Quality Management System has ISO 9001:2000/LST EN ISO 9001:2001; ISO 22000:2005/LST EN ISO 22000:2005; ISO 14001:2004/LST EN ISO 14001:2005; OHSAS 18001:2007/LST 1977:2008-certifications. The quality management system is constantly upgraded in accordance with the current standards, legal norms and acts of the Republic of Lithuania, and the internal documents of the organization.